S.P. Richards launches affordable health plan

S.P. Richards launches affordable health plan

S.P. Richards Company is North America’s Premier Business Products Wholesaler. Not many companies doing business today can claim a heritage that predates the Civil War.  S.P. Richards is over 160 years old and still going strong. 

S.P. Richards has launched a new national Association Health Plan exclusively for its Advantage member dealers and distributors. 

The AHP Trusts early estimates of savings are as much as $500 per month per employee versus current small group plans.

“At SP Richards, we understand that recruiting and retaining great employees is a tremendous challenge for our customers. Their ability to offer access to affordable healthcare through an independent AHP addresses this and is a significant competitive advantage for our Advantage members,” said SP Richards Director of Dealer Training and Development Sandra Williams.

Decisely will be the Program Administrator providing access to our Recruit to Retire platform. “We are thrilled to be helping Advantage members and changing their employees lives for the better”, says CEO of Decisely Kevin Dunn.

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