Healthcare Solutions

Affordable healthcare solutions that provide best-in-class benefits to your employees and their families.

Affordable solutions to help keep your employees and your business healthy and happy.

Decisely sources and provides healthcare solutions across a spectrum of services and affordability. We help service the varying needs of all your employees and help you administer your benefits and HR on an easy-to-use, tech platform.

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Association / Franchise Healthcare Solutions

Decisely was founded on the principle that small businesses should have access to the same comprehensive health insurance plans as large corporations. Our Association or Franchise-based healthcare plans allow groups of similar businesses to come together to source healthcare. Resulting in lower per-person costs, often with broader coverage.

Part of a franchise or association? Talk to us to determine if this solution is right for your businesses.

Small-Group Benefits

In a time of extreme employee mobility, affordable, quality benefits are key to recruiting and retaining your valued team members. Decisely sources small group benefits plans from the hundreds of regional and national options in the retail benefits marketplace for you, your full-time employees and their dependents. We are licensed in all 50 states, providing a one-stop shop for you to compare costs and coverage from hundreds of medical insurers, to find the best options that work for your employee and business needs.

Decisely One - Health Benefits for Sole Proprietors

Decisely One Health Benefits Plans are a smarter way for independent business professionals to manage their ever-increasing healthcare costs. Designed exclusively for self-employed small business owners, this program provides access to high-quality, cost-effective health benefits solutions via their own self-funded health plans.

Contact us to learn if your industry has an established plan.

Individual Coverage Health Reimbursement Arrangement (ICHRA)

ICHRAs are an excellent option for employers who are not quite ready to enter the small group health insurance market but who want to help their employees afford their healthcare. Employers can help offset the cost of the healthcare premiums purchased by their employees by funding personal healthcare at an amount that meets the employer’s budget. Employers fund, employees shop.

Limited Benefits Plans

Limited benefit plans are non-traditional health care and health insurance programs that provide access to basic medical care for everyday medical needs – a great non-ACA option for those small businesses that might not be equipped to offer group insurance benefits but want to find a way to help retain their valued employees. Limited care is not traditional insurance but a medical service membership that provides medical care access for routine medical care.

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Healthcare Solutions

Affordable healthcare solutions that provide best-in-class benefits to your employees and their families.


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