The Right Mix of Security & Efficiency: Decisely & SSP

The Right Mix of Security & Efficiency: Decisely & SSP

We all know the importance of protecting your business and its data and employees. One of the top ways to ensure that protection: Southeastern Security Professionals (aka SSP) – a company that prides itself on providing clients with a safe and secure workplace through customized and reliable solutions.

Decisely utilizes SSP services in the Alpharetta Georgia location. While SSP utilizes Decisely for HR and employee benefits services.

Employees at SSP are experts in all things security and are rapidly scaling the company. Partnering with Decisely provides leadership with more time to focus on their client needs.

“Having Decisely manage our employee benefits helps us spend more time on growing our business.  We have a dedicated relationship manager providing our business with a competitive benefits package to retain and recruit employees,” said Rodney Holder, SSP’s Vice President of Business Development.

Decisely combines great service and great tech so that a growing company like SSP can focus less on administration, and more on business goals and mission. Just like Decisely, they know that every business has unique needs that they are equipped to meet. Whether it’s consulting, installation, or engineering, SSP stays on top of industry trends to ensure their clients are receiving exceptional expertise.

SSP operates on five core values: service excellence, ethics, reliability, community, and empowerment. They provide best-in-class service and give back to their surrounding community. SSP also offers their employees opportunities to take initiative and grow their skill set, which encourages high productivity and high morale, all of which is passed onto SSP’s clients.

SSP prioritizes both its clients and its employees. The leadership team promotes a balanced workload that allows time for family, personal hobbies, etc. Another way SSP maintains balance for its team: Decisely. With our brokers and our platform, SSP no longer worries about stacks of HR paperwork, on-boarding new employees, open enrollment, and compliance. Instead, SSP can focus on employee empowerment, reliable service, and providing the best solutions to their current and future clients.