Health Benefits Company Gravie Partners with Decisely as its Preferred Health Plan

Health Benefits Company Gravie Partners with Decisely as its Preferred Health Plan

Gravie announced today a partnership with Decisely – an HR platform offering a suite of services for small and medium-sized businesses to manage critical HR functions from recruitment to retirement, and everything in between. Gravie’s flagship solution, Comfort, will be a preferred health plan for delivery service providers and freight partners across the country that serve a U.S. Big Five e-commerce company. Through Decisely, more than 120,000 employees will have access to Comfort.

Comfort is the nation’s first-of-its-kind health plan that provides zero-deductible, zero-copay, and 100% coverage on most common healthcare services, at a monthly cost comparable to most traditional group health plans. In many cases, employers leverage the group buying power of Gravie to save on average 19% on monthly premiums when making the switch. In addition, Gravie’s unique cost-sharing model is helping Comfort members save on average $100 per month on out-of-pocket expenses, thanks to a comprehensive list of no-cost services that members will never see a bill for. What’s more, employers offering Gravie Comfort boast improved outcomes for their employees who are getting the care they need early and consistently.

“For small and growing businesses, health benefits can cause a level of strain on entrepreneurs who don’t have a dedicated HR team. Decisely is meeting a critical need for these business owners,” said Abir Sen, executive chairman of Gravie. “We’re excited to partner with Decisely to bring these employers and their employees comprehensive health benefits.”

Decisely works with more than 600 delivery service providers and freight employers across the country to provide affordable and competitive health benefits with a modern approach to HR tools that can be managed through one integrated and intuitive platform.

“Gravie’s employee- and family-friendly, zero-cost approach for most common services matches perfectly with the employee needs gained from our client research. We’re pleased to be able to bring the Gravie solution to our program and small business clients,” said Kevin Dunn, CEO of Decisely.


About Gravie

Gravie has been at the forefront of driving change and improving the healthcare industry by creating innovative employer-sponsored health benefit solutions that put consumers first. Gravie has served more than 1,500 employers and 100,000 individuals across the U.S.

About Decisely

Decisely is an integrated technology solution to manage all your HR needs from recruitment to retirement, and everything in between. With over 150 years of combined experience, the leadership team has grown Decisely from a simple brokerage firm to a diverse team of licensed industry experts and technical support. The Decisely family is focused on providing the best benefits, HR, and compliance management service on the market. Learn more at