Decisely to Help Small Businesses Offer Affordable Health Coverage Through New Association Health Plan Rules

Decisely AHP is uniquely positioned to help the 84% of small businesses seeking large company, competitively priced group purchased benefits plan under newly expanded rules


ATLANTA, June 21, 2018 – Newly expanded Department of Labor (DOL) guidelines will now make it possible for small businesses to offer compelling, competitively priced employer-sponsored group benefits plans beginning September 1, 2018. New data from employee benefits brokerage and HR services company Decisely shows the enormous demand for this change. Decisely’s deep expertise in the Association Health Plan (AHP) market uniquely positions them to help businesses quickly and easily take advantage of these rule changes.


Small businesses and franchisees have historically been excluded from the employer-benefits market, forcing millions of employees to pay for their own healthcare and other related benefits. However, a new survey by Decisely of more than 700 small business and franchisee employers uncovered strong demand for these benefits with 84% of respondents expressing a desire to offer their own plans.


“These new rule changes make it possible for millions of small businesses to now qualify for these plans, potentially extending benefits to millions more American workers,” said Decisely CEO Kevin Dunn. “Our deep experience and long success in developing AHPs for companies makes us uniquely qualified to help these newly eligible companies quickly and easily design, launch and manage their own benefits programs.”


Decisely is a benefits brokerage and HR services firm specializing in integrated technology solutions for small businesses. The company is an established leader in building and administering AHPs with a turn-key benefits sourcing and technology platform that includes data collection, carrier marketing, call center and website development, marketing communications and host of integrated Human Resource services, including recruiting, on-boarding, payroll and retirement services.


An AHP can offer tremendous financial and operational benefits for a group of businesses. For example, in the first 40 days of launching an AHP for just one Trust Membership, Decisely saved its owner-operators over $1,500,000. Additionally, the program realized cost savings of over 20% on medical insurance, averaging over $1,000 per full-time employee.


“This is a game changer for American workers,” continued Dunn.


Decisely is the exclusive partner to NAPA Insurance Center with 22,000+ owner/operators, California Rental Association with 1,200+ members, and recently announced the launch of an AHP for Supercuts with 1,200+ stores.


For more insights on the new ruling and forming an AHP, please contact Decisely AHP solutions at (800) 976-7194. You can also learn more at Why SMB Benefits Trust Matter: An Argument for Association Health Plans.



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Decisely improves the health of businesses and their employees. Decisely is a broker-friendly benefits brokerage and HR services firm specializing in integrated technology solutions for small businesses. With the right mix of recruiting, benefits, HR, compliance, payroll & licensed support, Decisely technology brings your most essential HR activities onto one platform.



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