Case Study:

Gracepoint Academy

Gracepoint Academy
Anne G.

The Challenge

Gracepoint School, a Marietta, GA faith-based school, has been successfully educating dyslexic students since 2007. Retaining and keeping their talented faculty happy is a high priority for school administrators. Over the years, they have offered benefits to their staff, but, every year, managing premium increases gets more challenging. Gracepoint needed someone to help them navigate the changing landscape of group health insurance and find ways to save money.

The Solution

GISA partnered with Decisely to provide an Association Healthcare Solution to help its member schools save on benefits. With the valuable new plan available through GISA, the faculty and staff at Gracepoint Academy faculty were able to benefit from the power of their numbers. They were able to source better benefits at lower rates than they would have received on their own in a standard small group plan. Anne Griffith, a Gracepoint staffer a history in benefits consulting, was happy to see the savings. “As a small group, we felt vulnerable to increases from year to year. Now, we enjoy the security of being part of a larger group.”

The Results

Gracepoint Academy realized immediate savings of over 10% for their enrolled staff. With their GISA Association Healthcare Solution savings, Gracepoint expanded benefits products to its employees. The staff was able to elect dental and vision coverage in addition to their medical plan—and all at a net cost savings that was still less than what they had paid for medical the previous year. Anne felt strongly that it worth their time to compare rates. “I would recommend to other GISA members that they need to take a serious look at it. Even if they currently have a program, it would be worth their time to at least compare.” And now they have access to a team ready and happy to help. Having access to benefits and HR support allows them to focus on the important part of their jobs: the students. “For a small group like us, it’s rare that we get dedicated customer service for ANYTHING that we do. We’ve gotten incredible attention and care from Decisely.”