Case Study:

Cumberland Academy

Cumberland Academy
Jeff T.

The Challenge

Cumberland Academy is a specialized private school with a small staff of educational experts. Starting with one student in 2007, its staff is proud have built a program that develops and educates over 100 students with high-functioning autism, ADD and ADHD. Every year, school administration struggled to find affordable coverage to meet the needs of the school’s faculty. Private schools in Georgia are at a disadvantage versus public schools when it comes to insurance plans and rates; public schools employ thousands of employees, resulting in lower-priced, large group rates. Cumberland Academy staff needed help accessing quality plans at more competitive rates.

The Solution

GISA partnered with Decisely to provide an Association Healthcare Solution to help both faculty and administration members. With the GISA Association Healthcare Solution, Cumberland Academy faculty was able to benefit from the power of their numbers to access better benefits at lower rates than they would have received on their own in a standard small group plan. In fact, after reviewing the offering, they switched coverages in the middle of their plan year

The Results

Cumberland Academy had already signed up with benefits directly through their carrier when they learned about the new plan available to them. The new plan from GISA saved them 15% on premiums and was made simple and paperless with the online platform. With the cost savings, additional staff were able to enroll, but the school was able to meet the cost demands with premium savings. “We have a board member who is a benefits advisor. He looked over the plans and advised us to drop our current coverage and sign up. That’s how good the rates were.”