Meet Whitney – Senior Relationship Manager

What is your role at Decisely?

Senior Relationship Manager – I manage the ever dynamic Client Success team in Sacramento, aka the Sac Pac!

What do you love about your job at Decisely?

I love that every day is a new day, full of fun! I love the people I work with, from my awesome team to my amazing clients. I enjoy the different challenges that face me and the process I go through to get resolution. I’m excited to be on the cutting edge of creating a better world around me. I really love our leadership and all they do for Decisely. I am truly blessed and grateful for this opportunity!!

What was your first job?

First unofficial job was stuffing envelopes for client mailings for my mom who worked for Bay Alarm Company in Oakland. I was 13 and could stuff envelopes/lick stamps and watch Days of Our Lives at the same time! First official job was as a Lifeguard/Swim Instructor for the City of Martinez. I had imparted my fond memories of my first work experience with my daughter, so much so that she has followed in my footsteps and is now a lifeguard/swim instructor for the City of Folsom… making lasting memories of her own. The only difference is that instead of slathering on baby oil and burning to a crisp, she’s protecting her skin by wearing sunblock!

What was your worst job?

Nothing heinous comes to mind… I worked concessions at a movie theater in the Oaks Mall in Thousand Oaks, while I was in college. The only bad part was cleaning the hotdog machine and the smell of burnt popcorn. But getting to see free movies more than made up for it!

Where would you live if you could live anywhere in the world?

Disneyland USA, Anaheim CA. The weather is beautiful year round, there are characters galore and there’s always something new and magical happening just around the river bend! I’ve always wanted to swim in the Submarine pool, bask in all the treasures of Pirates of the Caribbean and relax in the Tiki room while enjoying a Dole Whip! From Frontierland to Fantasyland, I’d be one happy camper!!

Last question – people would be surprised if they knew what about you?

There are a few things: 1) I was one cute baby… not sure what happened!! 2) I was the only girl on an all-boys Pee Wee League baseball team, my dad coached. I think they cut my hair short so I’d look like a boy, 3) I am the only person I know that has a great relationship with all her Mother In Laws, and 4) I bleed Dodger blue!! Go Dodgers!

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